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About Us

One of the biggest problems that hunters face today is finding a quality place to hunt. Public land hunting is less than ideal in most states due to poor management practices and overcrowding. The alternative to hunting public land is to buy private land. However, with the cost of good hunting real estate sky rocketing over the last decade, it is hard to justify spending thousands of dollars per acre for a good hunting spot.

The next logical alternative is to go “door knocking” in hopes of securing permission to access private property. There is nothing wrong with this approach but it is usually a fruitless pursuit in areas with excellent hunting habitat.

The next best alternative is to lease a piece of ground. Leasing is an excellent alternative to buying and is accompanied by most of the benefits associated with owning your own hunting property. The Hunting Connection works as an agent between the landowner and sportsmen. It is our mission to connect sportsmen with landowners who are willing to lease their land. It is also our mission to connect landowners with responsible sportsmen that are willing to pay a fair price to have access to their land. The Hunting Connection finds the land and determines the fair market value. We provide the interested parties with aerial photos and detailed information about the properties. Once you find a property that you are interested in leasing we will schedule an appointment for you to view the property. If you decide you would like to lease the property we handle it from there. We will take care of the lease documents and insurance considerations, we will also initiate renewals and long term lease negotiations. The first year is always a one-year lease but, after the first year if all parties agree, we will attempt to negotiate a long term lease.

Thank you for visiting our site and feel free to view some of our currently available hunting leases.

Attention Landowners!
If you have property you would like to lease through us, please complete our landowner profile form, and we will be in touch.

"For the same price or less than the typical outfitted hunt, I can have my own lease and be able to come back as much as I want in the fall!"


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